Monday, July 23, 2018

Protected Land: Rockville Trails Preserve

Gateway To Solano's Western Hills

Rockville Trails Preserve epitomizes the beauty, rural character and quiet splendor that is Solano County.

Filled with stands of blue and live oaks, temporal vernal pools, wildflowers, and wildlife, Rockville Trails Preserve's 1,500 acres provide a connection to our past and a vision for our future.

As you explore this land, it is easy to imagine a time when Patwin Indians walked the oak forests and stood on the highest mesa to look out over the valleys below. The forests, rugged hills and high ridges that they saw hundreds of years ago are largely unchanged. This new natural park will be the gateway for visitors from the local community, the Bay Area and the Central Valley into the western hills of Solano County and beyond.

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